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Welcome to Sound Earth!

We're your trusted online source for effective, non-toxic, cruelty-free household cleaning and care products.

Shop our complete line of high quality products that are safe for people, pets and planet - because using safe products is always a good idea, and getting them in your favorite scent is just plain fun!

When you support Sound Earth you are supporting animals in need.
At Sound Earth we love all animals, and believe every animal deserves to be free from abuse and neglect. We commit every day to improving the lives of animals in need through our business practices, outreach and advocacy efforts. ” ~Ann LaGoy, owner of Sound Earth

Happy Summer! Enjoy it more with Sound Earth
Body Guard Bug Repellent

Roll-On Perfume

Feast on the outdoors without the outdoors feasting on you - deter bugs and poison ivy!

All natural and DEET free.

Repel all kinds of insects and bugs: flies, gnats, no see 'ems, mosquitoes, even ticks! It will help prevent insect-borne diseases, and will prevent you from getting poison ivy.

Best bug repellent on the market - buy now and save!

Lulu, Winner of the 2013 Best Animal Rescue Contest!

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