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Cleaning Accessories

Odor Eliminator

Odor Eliminator

Like a magnet the Odor Eliminator attracts and holds unpleasant airborne odors. It's made of non-toxic volcanic crystals, and comes in two sizes!
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Dust Control Sponge

Pet Hair and Dust Remover

Swipe away pet hair and dust from upholstery, laptops, lampshades or plasma screens easily and effectively with our Lampshade Cleaner.

We LOVE animals, and know how easy it is to get covered in pet hair! Now, it's just as easy to swipe it away!
Lampshade Cleaner...


Mighty PuMouse

The Mighty PuMouse® gives you the muscle to quickly remove mineral deposits, rust and stains from your toilet, sink or any porcelain surface. It's fab for cast iron pots, too!

Made with natural pumice, it’s not just for feet anymore!
Mighty Pumouse...



PETE Bottle

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Buy our bottled cleaning products and scented sprays in bulk, and refill this 8oz. Sound Earth PETE bottle.

It's easy on the environment, and your wallet!
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