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Baby Products

Highchair Cleaner

Highchair Cleaner

Safely clean baby’s highchair, plastic toys, or potty-chair: anything she comes in contact with! No need for rinsing.
Highchair Cleaner...



Bath Soap

Baby's Bath Soap

Organic vegetable oil based soap perfect for the most sensitive babies - and the whole family!
Baby's Bath Soap...



Odor Eliminator

Odor Sponge

Naturally absorb odors from baby's diaper pail, laundry basket, and the whole nursery - you'll smell the difference within 12 hours!
Odor Sponge...


Wash Cloth

Baby's Washcloth

Made with hemp and cotton, these soft wash cloths are easy on baby's skin, the environment, and are very durable.
Baby's Washcloths...


Parent's Essentials Kit

Parents' Essentials Kit

Includes: Baby's Bath Soap (8oz, Lavender scent), Highchair Cleaner (8oz, Sassy scent), Baby's Wash Cloth (set of 3), Maggie's Soap Nuts (trial sack) and the Little Odor Sponge.

Other gift sets are also available.

Parents' Essentials Kit: $32.50


Goodies for Baby

From Baby to Baby's belongings; Goodies for Baby cleans it all with no toxins or residue.

Includes: Baby's Bath Soap (8oz, Lavender scent), Highchair Cleaner (8oz, Sassy scent and a 4oz travel bottle), Sound Earth Soap Nuts laundry cleaner (trial sack), Lavender essential oil (5ml), and Baby's Washcloths (two).

Goodies for Baby: $25.00