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Body Guard Bug Repellent

Body Guard Bug and Insect Repellent

Feast on the outdoors without the outdoors feasting on you - deter bugs and poison ivy!

All natural, DEET free - repels all kinds of insects and bugs: flies, gnats, no see 'ems, mosquitoes, even ticks!

It will help prevent insect-borne diseases, and will help prevent you from getting poison ivy. Read BriGuyNY's testimonial below...

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Testimonial: Sound Earth Body Guard - It Works!

"So recently I've been hearing from Larra-Three about this all natural protective spray from Fishkill that's perfect for when you go out geocaching in the woods. I've been told it's excellent against bugs, ticks, and maybe poison ivy too? Either way, here's my success story with 2 examples.

#1: I attended a geocaching event on Saturday at Whitestone Cliffs in CT for repelling. Waiting in the parking area with friends, bugs were very buggy. I then had a moment of brilliance. "Sound Earth Body Guard is in my car!" I grab the bottle and apply to myself, then share with the small crowd. Instantly (and I mean INSTANTLY) the bugs vanished, and never came back the entire day.

The funny comment that I got was "you just sprayed yourself with yellow Halls cough drops!" haha. I suppose if one were to compare it to something, that might be it. I don't think it's bad, and a few others didn't either, but some thought otherwise. Regardless, no bugs made me a happy camper that day.

#2: I put Sound Earth's Body Guard to the real test on Sunday... Stewart State Forest. I generously applied it all over and went into the woods on my bike. While there I bumped into 2 upstate cachers who randomly happened to be there too. Happy to see old friends 100 miles from where they live, we joined forces and hit a lot of the forest. While there, we mostly stuck to the trails except for maybe 2 or 3 times we had to leave them for up to 200' for a cache.

At one particular GZ ("Stairway to Heaven or Hell" by Behistun) there is a lot of brush. My partners who stood on the edge of the thicket collected a handful of ticks combined in a matter of seconds. As for me, I bushwhacked in to the thicket for a few moments, then back out, but got nothing.

Also, once again, no bugs at all during my entire trek. I was in the woods for 5 hours.

Additionally, I know I came across a few spots of poison ivy, yet I am not showing signs of anything as of yet. So, all-in-all, this Sound Earth spray is AWESOME. I highly recommend it!