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Sound Earth Gift Sets

Baby Gift Basket

Pet Pack

We love them, we care for them... we clean up after them; it's easy to do with the Sound Earth Pet Pack!

Pet Pack... $25.00

Lightning Liquid (4oz, lemon), LampShade Cleaner (Pet Hair Remover), Fizzn' Floor Booster (10oz Lavender, and the Odor Sponge, sm.

Baby Gift Basket

Goodies Kit for Baby

Baby deserves to be toxic free!


Baby's Bath Soap (8oz), Highchair Cleaner (8oz and 4oz), Sound Earth Soap Nuts(trial sack), Lavender essential oil (5ml), Odor Eliminator for nursery and Baby's Washclothes (pair of 2). Chomes in a vinyl carrying bag or as a basket.

Green Cleaning Team

Green Cleaning Kit

Unleash our super natural team of cleaners with the complete Green Cleaning Team!

Green Cleaning Kit...


The complete kit includes: Fizzn' Floor Booster, Powder of Power, Velvet Hammer, Lightning Liquid, Wood Food, Crystal Clean , and Vegetable Wash in our most popular scents.

Grande Gift Basket

Grande Basket

Great for all special occasions: new home, newly weds, graduation.

Grande Gift Basket...


Includes: 20oz Velvet Hammer, 16oz Crystal Clean, 8oz each of Fizzn' Floor Booster, Powder of Power, Lightning Liquid, Wood Food and Vegetable Wash in our most popular scents.

Petite Gift Basket

Petite Basket

Tell someone you care with this little basket of sunshine!

Petite Gift Basket ...


Includes 5oz Velvet Hammer, a PuMouse®, and 3 1oz samples of Sound Earth cleaning products (may vary with basket)