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GreasEraser™ Hand and Fabric Cleaner

Super duty, fast acting hand and/or fabric cleaner.

Formulated for mechanics and trades people, GreasEraser™ will clean your hands effectively and naturally. It gently removes all types of dirt, grime, grease, ink, and paint – without leaving it in your sink.

Safe for childrens’ hands and great for arts and crafts students.

It can be used as a spot stain remover on any type of fabric, clothing or footwear.


Unleash our whole team of Super-Natural products: The Velvet Hammer™,Fizzn' Floor Booster™, Crystal Clean™, Lightning Liquid™, Powder of Power™, Vegetable Wash, GreasEraser™, and Wood Food™.

Our Sound Earth Team is a perfect way to introduce your friends to an honest clean! Check out our Gift Sets .

Please note: all 42 and 172 ounce bottles are bottled with our original white label.