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Sound Earth partners with artisan Barbara Willmer

for the perfect gift set!

Bracelets and blends both hand crafted in the Hudson Valley.

Essential oils, and plant essences, have been used for thousands of years as natural remedies for ailments of mind and body.

Enjoy the benefits of our therapeutic grade essential oils blends throughout the day and add sparkle to your wrist! 

Each bracelet is hand made by Barbara with semi-precious stones and lava, which naturally holds our exclusive essential oils blends; releasing the beneficial aroma all day long.

Your choice between Amethyst, African Jasper and Unikite - and now we've added Purple and Blue Druzy to our gorgeous semi-precious stone options.  

Each bracelet gift set comes with 6 essential oils blend (1/6 dram ea.): Earthly Bliss, Positivity, Sassy, Smarty, Sunshine and Sweet Tart. All oils are therapeutic grade. Just $29.00