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Blast away dirt and germs in your home!
With these natural, cruelty-free products cleaning won't be as painful - it may even be fun!

Velvet Hammer

The Velvet Hammer™

This gentle abrasive is hard on dirt, easy on surfaces!
The Velvet Hammer can tackle a myriad of tasks throughout your house. Be creative with this gentle abrasive!
Velvet Hammer...



Lightning Liquid

Lightning Liquid™

The “Go To” cleaner for countless tasks - including in your kitchen and baths! Really great for dishes, and spot cleaning carpets. (concentrated product)
Lightning Liquid™...



Wood Food

Wood Food™

Applying Wood Food™ to wood suffering from mold, dryness, or neglect will make you both feel good! (concentrated product)
Wood Food™...



Powder of Power

Powder of Power™

It’s rough and it’s tough!
Remove stubborn dirt and grime, hard water deposits, rust, or those annoying gray marks in your porcelain sink.
Powder of Power™...



Vegetable Wash

Vegetable Wash

You carefully shop for the best produce to feed your family. Why stop there? Safely remove pesticides, fertilizers, dirt, molds, fungi, and waxes from your produce. Your taste buds will sing with joy!
Vegetable Wash...


Fizzn' Floor Booster

Fizzn' Floor Booster™

Get dirt up, and out of your home!
‹ Clean all types of bare floors: Pergo®, slate, tile, and laminate for starters.
‹ Brighten and freshen carpets, just sprinkle and vacuum.
‹ Wipe out germs in your toilet.
Fizzn' Floor Booster™...



Crystal Clean

Crystal Clean™

‹ Clean glass, mirrors, and
lightly soiled surfaces.
‹ Leave appliances and fixtures
‹ Use as a quick floor wipe.
‹ Dust off those house plants, and let them breath!
Crystal Clean™...




Super duty, fast acting hand cleaner and/or fabric cleaner. Gently remove all types of dirt, grime, grease, ink, and paint – without leaving it in your sink. Safe for childrens’ hands and great for arts and crafts students.
It can be used as a spot stain lifter on any type of fabric, clothing or foot ware.


Sound Earth Green Cleaning TeamThe Green Cleaning Team

Unleash our super natural team of cleaners with the complete Green Cleaning Team!

The team includes: Fizzn' Floor Booster (5oz, Sassy scent), Powder of Power (5oz, Sunshine scent), Velvet Hammer (5oz, Lavender scent), Lightning Liquid (4oz, Lemon scent), Wood Food (4oz, Earthly Bliss scent), Crystal Clean (4oz, Sunshine scent), and Vegetable Wash (4oz, unscented). Character Set...


Sound Earth Green Cleaning TeamSoap Nuts for Laundry

No toxic wastes, by-products or man-made chemicals left in the environment or on your clothes and body. Clean you can count on. Clean you can trust.

  • 100% natural and easily biodegradable
  • Fragrance Free and ideal for sensitive skin
  • Brightens colors and softens fabric
  • Low sudsing

Sound Earth Soap Nuts... available in liquid!