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Ingredients in our natural cleaning products.

Essential Oils

The following is a list of ingredients used in Sound Earth natural, cruelty-free cleaning and care products. We use natural ingredients for a natural clean. The result is products that provide a consistent, high quality and SAFE clean. There is no need to worry about mixing dangerous chemicals, and because they have been job tested, you know they “cut the mustard”–literally!

Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate)
Cleaning benefit: mild scouring powder, neutralizes odor, degreaser.
Point of interest: acid salt, serves as a mild alkali, great for your septic system!

Borax (sodium borate)
Cleaning benefit: deodorizer, soap booster, stain remover, inhibits mold growth.
Point of interest: naturally occurring mineral.

Certified Organic Castile Soap
Cleaning benefit: contains disinfecting properties, vegetable-oil-based liquid soap.
Point of interest: certified organic, safe for all skin types.

Hydrogen Peroxide (sodium per carbonate)
Cleaning benefit: whitening agent, contains disinfecting properties.
Point of interest: disinfecting properties.

Vegetable Glycerin:
Cleaning benefits: cleanser, make up remover.
Point of interest: vegetable base, mild, used for both house hold and personal care.

Cleaning benefits: abrasive cleanser, stain remover.
Point of interest: glass and mineral, formed during volcanic eruptions, great exfoliate.

Salt (sodium chloride)
Cleaning benefits: non-scratching abrasive cleaner, inhibits bacteria growth
Point of interest: mineral, brightens carpeting-dirt will adhere to salt!

Cleaning benefits: degreaser, emulsifier, inhibits mold growth.
Point of interest: contains disinfecting properties.

Soap Nuts
Cleaning benefits: it teams with water to penetrate your clothes, lift grime and rinse it away.
Point of interest: saponin is the natural cleaner found in Soap Nuts.

Essential Oils
Essential oils have long been known for their disinfecting properties; many are antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antimicrobial, and/or antiseptic. Used together with ingredients like baking soda, vinegar and castile soap you have a sure defense against germs in your home.

Further, many essential oils are respected for the emotional benefits found in their soothing, vitalizing, refreshing, uplifting, and balancing properties.

Visit our essential oils page to learn about the essential oils used in our products. Each essential oil holds its own special beneficial qualities.