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Liquid Laundry Soap
Organic Liquid Laundry Soap

Liquid Laundry & Dish Washing Detergent

Sound Earth Soap Nuts Liquid Detergent washes clothes and dishes without any toxic ingredients - made from organically grown soap berries!

Our Liquid Detergent is super concentrated and safe for all fabrics and washers. Your dishes will shine; your clothes will be bright and clean.

You will never go back to chemical factory detergents!

* We use essential oils of lavender and peppermint to help prolong the shelf life of this product.

Sound Earth Soap Nuts

Sound Earth Soap Nuts - The Laundry Soap Grown Organically On Trees!

Organic Soap Nuts


  • 100% natural and easily biodegradable
  • Fragrance Free and ideal for sensitive skin
  • Brightens colors and softens fabric
  • Low sudsing
  • Saponin is the natural cleaner found in Soap Nuts; it teams with water to penetrate your clothes, lift grime and rinse it away.
  • No toxic by-products or wastes. No man-made chemicals left in the environment or on your clothes and body. Clean you can count on. Clean you can trust.

    *Compare our prices with other brands - you're saving money with each load!*

    Directions: Put 5 Sound Earth Soap Nuts into the small reusable sachet found in your kit. Tie a knot and add it to your wash for the complete wash and rinse cycles. Your clothes become purified, soft and bright.

    Thumbs Up Testimonial
    "Good news! Today I washed bed sheets that been stained with some kind of body lotion. Whatever had caused the stains, I had not been able to remove them despite numerous pre-wash sprays, regular laundry soap, and multiple runs through the washer. Today I tossed them in the washer with just my little bag of Maggie's Soap Nuts. I couldn't believe it! The stains are gone!" Bernie, Niskayuna, NY
    "I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE the fresh clean scent of Liquid Laundry Soap. Smells like I hung the clothes on the line- not that perfume overload smell. Just Good Clean Clothes that feel great too." Dana, Lincolndale, NY
    “My colors are so happy they’re jumping up and down!” Cynthia, Manhattan
    “I love the way my sweaters and t-shirts feel – soft and full of body.”– Deborah, Santa Maria, CA