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Odor Eliminatort

Odor Eliminator


By the Case (12)

Like a magnet the Odor Eliminator attracts and holds unpleasant airborne odors.

This natural, unscented odor absorber, is made of non-toxic volcanic crystals with millions of surfaces and channels containing an electrical charge that acts as a magnet to attract and hold unpleasant airborne odors.

It devours the smell of musty basements, the laundry room, litter boxes, diaper pails and more! Place anywhere in your home, car, nursery or office and smell the difference.

Rejuvenate the Odor Eliminator by placing it in the sun for several hours and it will last for years - that's environmentally friendly!

There are two sizes to fit your needs: Home Odor Eliminator for large areas of 600sq. ft., and Closet Odor Eliminator for smaller areas of 250sq. ft. just right for the nursery, closet or car.

Here's what our customers are saying:

"The [Odor Eliminators] are amazing! We have multiple cats, but you'd never know it now because the smell isn't there anymore." Alex, Fishkill
"Moisture from my dishwasher goes right into my hall closet, it used to have that damp, musty smell. Within 24 hours [of placing the Odor Eliminators] I noticed a huge improvement!" Carol, Fishkill

Gonzo Corporation Product

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