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Body Roll-On Perfume

Earthly Bliss


Lavender English, (USA, Organic)

Lavender Spanish, (Spain)

Peppermint Japanese, (India)

Positivity (blend)



Organic Lavender Essential Oil

Organic English Lavender

5 Uses for Lavender Essential Oil you didn't know about:

1. A healing oil to bruises, burns and abrasions.
2. Pin cotton balls scented with lavender to your vacuum bag.
3. Apply 5 drops on lower abdomen for relief of menstrual cramps.
4. Add 5 drops to a foot soak for heel & foot fatigue relief.
5. Relieve dryness, rashes and other skin irritations - including dry, chapped lips.

And another 3 you did:
1. Relieve stress & anxiety.
2. Natural sleep aid.
3. Natural bug repellant.


This divine organic lavender essential oil, considered the best in the world, embodies all that Sound Earth values: the highest quality lavender, organically grown by an independently owned farm, as close to home as possible.

Growing method: grown in the USA, and certified organic by USDA
Aroma: a wonderfully complex, sweet, gentle aroma

Caring for your oils: They should be kept in dark translucent bottles, out of the sun, and in a moderate temperature stable environment.