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Pet Pack

Pet Pack

We love them, we care for them... we clean up after them; it's easy to do with the Sound Earth Pet Pack!

Lightning Liquid is an ideal spot cleaner for carpet and upholstery; takes care of accidents.

Fizzn' Floor Booster safely cleans all kinds of floors, and leaves no residue - your fur pal can safely sleep (and eat) on the floor.

Odor Eliminator absorbs unwanted smells from litter boxes, bedding, cages; all with no airborne substance.

Pet Hair Remover swipes away pet hair wherever it may collect; upholstery, clothing, curtains.

** We also add in a pet toy, so there's something for everyone!

The complete Pet Pack includes: Fizzn' Floor Booster (10oz, Lavender scent), Lightning Liquid (4oz, Lemon scent), Odor Eliminator 8oz, and the Pet Hair Remover; and is packaged in a vinyl carry bag with pet toy.

Pet Pack, just $25