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Call us crazy, but Boris follows Paul around during the day. It’s true. As the crow flies (catch the pun?)  it’s an easy 1/2 mile flight to work; gliding along Forge Brook. Boris arrives around lunch time with his friends. A trick he’s been playing for months. Where things start to get a little more […]

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I want to assure you Boris still visits us nearly every day! It helps that Paul puts food on top of his shed to feed Boris and his friends. I hesitate to use the word spoiled… perhaps “accustomed” would describe their ritual. A few days ago, I happened to be walking with Frank, and spotted a […]

Frank and I were strolling along this morning. He convinced me to continue around the corner, and up the road… He likes to see if his buddy Oscar is around. We walked as far as Oscar’s house, and as we approached, I heard the gentle cooing of Boris (just like he used to). I’m certain its […]

Boris Krowlof

Have you ever crow-sat? How about an injured crow? A couple of weeks ago, Boris needed a place to stay. No rehab centers would take him, and it was vacation time for the woman that took him in (rather than have him euthanized). So, there we were… crow in a dog crate. Broken leg, broken […]