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Leaping Bunny Pledge

There is no gray area, no exception… Our position is based not only on ethical grounds, but on scientific findings. Animals used in tests range from rats, rabbits, pigs, dogs, cats, cows, goats and gnats. There is no animal excluded from this practice. There is an entire industry that breeds animals for testing. In some […]

spaghetti sauce stain

For You, Your Pet And The Unknown Laboratory Animal With a few ingredients you probably have in your kitchen right now you can brighten your whites, disinfect and kill germs; all without the toxins and the animal testing that you get with clorox.  In fact, with the left over ingredients you’ll be able to make a […]

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has started a petition to request the University of Virginia stop using cats to train future pediatricians in methods of intubation. Please sign the petition, and ask president Teresa Sullivan to utilize the humane methods of training currently available. As shared by PCRM: The primary emergency procedure taught in pediatrics […]


I have many interests; nearly all of them revolve around animals and their well being. I am always brought back to the fact – how we treat the most vulnerable in our society is a reflection of our culture, and we can do many, many things to live compassionately. As with anything worth doing, there […]

Leaping Bunny Pledge

In my auditing process with the Leaping Bunny Program I am reaching out again to all of my suppliers, and their suppliers to confirm there is no animal testing in the ingredients I purchase from them. This is a surprisingly extensive process, especially with some of the bigger guys (but not all). So, I just […]

My experience with the Nate Berkus Show makeover was a real eye opener. The multiple layers of individuals at work to put the show together, and make Jann and me look as we did was so impressive – they were incredible and talented. I went into this with some reservation – fashion? cleaning products? natural? […]

I first heard of Juno’s story about a year ago, when the rescue of 120 laboratory Beagles was posted on I was fascinated by the efforts of the group involved in her rescue, and learned some of them found forever homes close by. I then had the privilege of meeting Juno at the Beacon Barks! event […]

Frank Contemplation

There are a plethora of products on the market available to aid our beloved pets in dealing with a variety of issues. We can chose among dozens of remedies for behavioral issues such as anxiety or depression, dozens more for physical ailments such as ear infections, hot spots or even urinary tract infections. Many of […]


We have an opportunity to make a positive change for primates used in government testing. Congressman Roscoe G. Bartlett has introduced the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act of 2011. Congressman Bartlett is a former physiologist at the Navy’s School of Aviation Medicine. Read his contributing article in the New York Times. Contact your representatives […]

For years Allergan, the company that manufactures BOTOX® under licence, could release it to the doctors and dermatologists who used it only after animal testing was conducted. As of July, 2011 that has changed. The phase out of animal testing begins immediately, and will be complete within the next three years. Too long in my opinion, […]