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Guest Post, Frank Muttscot Hey everybody, Mugsy arrived at about 7 last night. Regina and Francine from Furry Friends Pet Rescue brought him to the house. He was travelin’ all day and night from North Carolina. They were gonna kill him! Annie tells me there are millions of dogs and cats that aren’t so lucky […]

I fostered a German Shepherd named Bingo years ago for about 8 weeks. When she arrived she had already been institutionalized for about 4 years: dropped off as a puppy and returned several times… It was not made clear to me why she was returned, but I got the idea the shelter remained hopeful she […]

There’s recently been a lot of concern about Puppy Mill dogs, and the females that are kept for years producing litter after litter. If you don’t already know about last summer’s Best Animal Rescue Contest, I’d like to introduce you to one of our fantastic contestants – Reba, a former puppy mill mom. In the words […]


I have many interests; nearly all of them revolve around animals and their well being. I am always brought back to the fact – how we treat the most vulnerable in our society is a reflection of our culture, and we can do many, many things to live compassionately. As with anything worth doing, there […]

I thought this entry to the Best Animal Rescue Contest this summer was appropriate to share with the holidays approaching. I don’t know if this was a professional studio, or their home, but either way it makes a really great photo. I really love the picture, and am happy for these two dogs; they are sharing their […]

Many years ago a friend of mine said she often placed people on a pedestal when first developing a relationship with them. Something like the honeymoon syndrome. She would start them at say 100, and if something in their behavior didn’t sit right (as inevitably happens) she would then mentally deplete their high standing. She felt like […]

I often say there is a human for every cat; even those with challenges. So when “Jesappleby” entered her cat Finky to the Best Animal Rescue Contest, I was especially touched by the dedication Finky’s new family has towards her. In this country we kill millions of perfectly healthy animals for lack of homes: it […]


Betsy, the beautiful black Burmese cat I placed in October, is back with me and looking for her forever home. She did not adjust well with the other cat that I placed with her. She is so affectionate, and just beautiful. I think she is approximately 12 – 16 months old. She is all black […]

I love this entry from my dear friend, and co-owner (with the lovely Marilee) of my favorite publication: Westchester/Putnam Natural Awakenings. I’ve met Pepper, and he is as cute as the picture shows. He’s quite fiesty, and I’m impressed with the work Dana and her hubby Guy have invested in this little one. Adopted on […]

Guest Post, Dutchess County SPCA Hope to see you at Pet Photos with Santa this Saturday (November 18) from 1:00 to 5:00 pm. Santa and a team from the Dutchess County SPCA will be at the Petco on South Road in Poughkeepsie along with a professional photographer from On Location Studios. Photos are $10 each […]