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Last year, I met A. Casey Jones through the Best Animal Rescue Contest, when his story was submitted by his “mom” Dot. I was so touched by the love and care he so clearly brought out of Dot… and I’m not the only one. I’m told there are others in the Sound Earth community who […]

There’s recently been a lot of concern about Puppy Mill dogs, and the females that are kept for years producing litter after litter. If you don’t already know about last summer’s Best Animal Rescue Contest, I’d like to introduce you to one of our fantastic contestants – Reba, a former puppy mill mom. In the words […]

I thought this entry to the Best Animal Rescue Contest this summer was appropriate to share with the holidays approaching. I don’t know if this was a professional studio, or their home, but either way it makes a really great photo. I really love the picture, and am happy for these two dogs; they are sharing their […]

I often say there is a human for every cat; even those with challenges. So when “Jesappleby” entered her cat Finky to the Best Animal Rescue Contest, I was especially touched by the dedication Finky’s new family has towards her. In this country we kill millions of perfectly healthy animals for lack of homes: it […]

I love this entry from my dear friend, and co-owner (with the lovely Marilee) of my favorite publication: Westchester/Putnam Natural Awakenings. I’ve met Pepper, and he is as cute as the picture shows. He’s quite fiesty, and I’m impressed with the work Dana and her hubby Guy have invested in this little one. Adopted on […]

  This photo is an ode to turtles rescued every day by me and countless other people – in an effort to get them across the road safely so they can get on with their day. It’s a small act of kindness to another living creature and one that makes you feel good all day. […]


Isn’t is amazing how often our companion animals “find us”? There have been several in my life that came to me at a most unexpected and sometimes inconvenient time; yet they remained with me, and still hold a place in my heart. Here is Happy’s Tale of No Accident. She’s found her new family! At […]

Out of the mouths of babes… Isn’t it amazing how clearly a child will see a situation? I’m so happy for Darla, and her person that these children opened up the new opportunity for adoption! What I really want to know is: on the tables at the wedding, was Darla wearing a wedding gown for […]

I first heard of Juno’s story about a year ago, when the rescue of 120 laboratory Beagles was posted on I was fascinated by the efforts of the group involved in her rescue, and learned some of them found forever homes close by. I then had the privilege of meeting Juno at the Beacon Barks! event […]

This little gal captured my heart as one of the earlier entries to the Best Animal Rescue Contest. I was so happy to read she found a home where she is treated with love, respect and dignity. In her “Mom’s” words: I adopted ”Eve” from the Port Jervis-Deerpark Humane Society in Port Jervis, NY 3 […]