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Categories: Cleaning Tips | 1 Comment

Not everyone enjoys cleaning, but most of us do appreciate a clean, tidy house. Spring cleaning, or “nesting” as I like to call it, can be a time to rejuvenate the energy in your home making things run more efficiently. It may actually save you time in the long run. Here are a few tips to help […]

spaghetti sauce stain

For You, Your Pet And The Unknown Laboratory Animal With a few ingredients you probably have in your kitchen right now you can brighten your whites, disinfect and kill germs; all without the toxins and the animal testing that you get with clorox.  In fact, with the left over ingredients you’ll be able to make a […]

By that I mean; low cost, simple and totally toxic free! Maybe it’s because romance is still in the air from Valentine’s Day, or maybe it’s because I appreciate a sparkling table accessory, but brass candlesticks can really add class and appeal to any table setting – as long as they’re not grungy and dull! […]