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A Better Choice: Deer, by Jackson Landers was sent to me by a friend who asked for my thoughts. Here is what I think: Landers is trying to make the argument to eat meat in a thoughtful way. I would rather the argument to eat plants in a thoughtful way. Landers certainly takes an interesting look at how […]

We have a feral and stray cat crisis in the United States. Estimates range from 13 million to 87 million felines roam our streets, alleys, farms and woodland. It’s staggering. So many times these animals remain “invisible” making it impossible to get a clear picture of how many cats live and die as homeless creatures. […]


There are many ways to make our homes more energy efficient and comfortable, especially in the cold days of winter. Well insulated walls and attic, high efficiency windows, windows with plastic sheet covers or a strip of “weatherseal” to form a tight fit when the windows are closed, foam cutouts placed behind outlets and door sweeps at […]


When I owned my cleaning service I had a wide variety of clients, and as you can imagine each had a varying idea about what defines clean. Some focused on keeping clutter at bay (wistful sigh), others focused on keeping counters, bathrooms, and kitchen free from bacteria (virtual rolling up of my sleeve). Sometimes, I had […]

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Growing up in the northeast, I’m accustomed to cold winters, and bouts of heavy snow – not mid west cold, but cold enough to really appreciate getting back in the house once I’ve walked Frank. Although my sister mocks me a bit about Frank’s gear; I am mindful of the weather on his little body. The fact […]


I have many interests; nearly all of them revolve around animals and their well being. I am always brought back to the fact – how we treat the most vulnerable in our society is a reflection of our culture, and we can do many, many things to live compassionately. As with anything worth doing, there […]

I’m sure you’re familiar with the Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes commercial where happy children are shown throughout various parts of a house putting their wonderful, goopy little hands on every surface they can reach…. Then in comes a close up of a package of the wipes on the counter for each child to grab. Kids are shown […]

There’s been a big to-do lately about Sparboe Farms – the company who supplied (until last week) McDonalds with nearly all of their billions of eggs each year. Employees have been caught on video from a Mercy for Animals under cover investigator, and during an ABC Investigation, tormenting and torturing hens at their facilities. Employees are […]

It’s happened to you, I’m sure. You cut your finger, and get a drop of blood on your clothing, pull a hang nail and get blood on the couch; any number of things can happen, and there you have it – blood stain on soft surfaces. Ick. Fear not, there are many ways you can […]

Canine and feline allergy has multiple potential sources including flea allergy, environmental inhaled allergens (atopy), food allergy and reactions to medications. Another potential source of discomfort and harm to your beloved family pet may come from chemical cleaning solutions. Read more on Chemicals In Your Home. The following substances can cause allergic reactions in animals who […]