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More Rain Barrel Workshops Scheduled! The Dutchess Watershed Coalition will be hosting three Rain Barrel Building Workshops throughout the month of July as part of Dutchess Watershed Awareness Month. At each of these workshops you will learn how to build a 55-gallon rain barrel that you will take home. The cost of the workshop is $45. Space is limited […]


Sittin’ on the dock of the bay… in comes gentle whistling. OK, the lake. Either way, Frank enjoyed a day with his favorite Chijuajua “Mona” in the great outdoors. What could be better than exploring, paddle boating (especially when you’re gettin’ a free ride), and living an adventure? I realize I have to take more […]

Boris Krowlof

Have you ever crow-sat? How about an injured crow? A couple of weeks ago, Boris needed a place to stay. No rehab centers would take him, and it was vacation time for the woman that took him in (rather than have him euthanized). So, there we were… crow in a dog crate. Broken leg, broken […]

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This is really fantastic. Barn owl web cam. I wrote a nature journal years ago, and was amazed at what can be seen when sitting quietly, and observing. Here, you can jump up and down, and still see some amazing stuff!