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I read a recent post on called 3 Secret Horrors of Some Trap-Neuter-Return Programs. I agree with the necessity for discussion of proper practices on TNR and the need to be as conscious as possible for the sake of the animals we’re trying to help, but I regret that the author over simplifies the […]

Leaping Bunny Pledge

There is no gray area, no exception… Our position is based not only on ethical grounds, but on scientific findings. Animals used in tests range from rats, rabbits, pigs, dogs, cats, cows, goats and gnats. There is no animal excluded from this practice. There is an entire industry that breeds animals for testing. In some […]


com·mu·ni·ty – (noun); a social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists. Thanks to the caring folks of the Sound Earth Community for advocating for animals. It’s inspiring to hear about everyone’s efforts, and […]

Last year, I met A. Casey Jones through the Best Animal Rescue Contest, when his story was submitted by his “mom” Dot. I was so touched by the love and care he so clearly brought out of Dot… and I’m not the only one. I’m told there are others in the Sound Earth community who […]

Big Daddy Atlas

Big Daddy is ready to retire from life on the streets. He is approximately 5 or 6 years old and weighs about 15 pounds. He’s got a lot to tell you, and is quite a talker. He enjoys a good compliment, good lovin’ and good food. He’s an independent fella, but doesn’t shy away from […]


was VERY successful! It is inspiring to see what can be accomplished when passionate business owners and animal advocates join efforts to benefit animals. The event was filled with many successes! One of our desired goals was exceeded when The Animal Rights Alliance, Inc spayed or neutered 52 cats. With generous business sponsorship, 29 of […]

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This is a feral mama (Trinity) that has eluded capture for 2 years. This is at least her 5th litter that we know of. It is heartbreaking to see the stress she is under being confined, and having to deal with me reaching into the cage to supply fresh food and water and fresh litter. […]

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Feral Cat

I got a call Tuesday from a monitor of a feral colony. One of his kids was not doing well. After missing on Monday, Buddy arrived on Tuesday struggling to walk. He seemed to rally a bit Tuesday evening after receiving two doses of antibiotics. I was encouraged by his intake. However, Buddy died early Wednesday […]

spaghetti sauce stain

For You, Your Pet And The Unknown Laboratory Animal With a few ingredients you probably have in your kitchen right now you can brighten your whites, disinfect and kill germs; all without the toxins and the animal testing that you get with clorox.  In fact, with the left over ingredients you’ll be able to make a […]

Black Jack

Meet Black Jack, he needs your help to find a home. He’s A Lover, Not A Fighter: Just trapped February 12, and looking for help. My lovely new friends Rosemary and Eddie called me this morning because a cat they had been caring for was injured. We were scheduled to TNR this upcoming weekend, but […]