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Feral Cat

I got a call Tuesday from a monitor of a feral colony. One of his kids was not doing well. After missing on Monday, Buddy arrived on Tuesday struggling to walk. He seemed to rally a bit Tuesday evening after receiving two doses of antibiotics. I was encouraged by his intake. However, Buddy died early Wednesday […]

A Better Choice: Deer, by Jackson Landers was sent to me by a friend who asked for my thoughts. Here is what I think: Landers is trying to make the argument to eat meat in a thoughtful way. I would rather the argument to eat plants in a thoughtful way. Landers certainly takes an interesting look at how […]

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The Dutchess County Department of Health is sponsoring a rabies vaccination clinic for dogs, cats, and ferrets. The clinic is scheduled for Wednesday, March 28, 2012 from 10 AM to 2 PM at the Milan Town Hall, 20 Wilcox Circle, Milan, NY 12571. The clinic is free to Dutchess County residents ($10.00 per pet for […]

Sound Earth

How Will You Know? I often debate: how often, where, when, etc. should I tell my followers about Sound Earth products? I don’t want our communication to become annoying or a commercial, but I have lots of information to share, and that includes the awesomeness of Sound Earth! Years ago a friend laughed and said […]

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Holidays are a very busy time for most people. Shopping for and wrapping gifts, travel, house guests, and holiday decorating can make things quite overwhelming – and potentially dangerous for our curious pets. Here are some things to keep in mind this season: Decorating cautions If you put up a Christmas tree or hang wreaths […]

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It may sound like a great idea to get a friend or family member a pet for the holidays. An elder for example, who is living alone seems the ideal candidate for a companion animal. However, there are some things to keep in mind before you make any purchases: Most importantly, as crazy as it […]


Guest Post, Frank Muttscot I have become Annie’s almost constant companion. Every day is an adventure, and I’ve become a bit of a celebrity here in Fishkill. I can be seen ridin’ on the back of Annie’s scooter when she goes to the Post Office to ship out orders – that’s me in the picture. […]

Freedom of speech is critical in any society that seeks a healthy citizenship. I’m not the only one who feels this way – it’s protected under the first amendment of the United States Constitution for a reason. Regardless of whether a person agrees with my position or not, I have never censored any-one’s comments on any […]

My experience with the Nate Berkus Show makeover was a real eye opener. The multiple layers of individuals at work to put the show together, and make Jann and me look as we did was so impressive – they were incredible and talented. I went into this with some reservation – fashion? cleaning products? natural? […]


I volunteer. A lot. Some weeks I volunteer as much as work at my paying gig – which is also a heartfelt project. In so doing, I often enlist my friends and family to help. Many have given their time, their money, or both in order to allow me to do my thing with whatever […]