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Guest Post, Frank Muttscot I have become Annie’s almost constant companion. Every day is an adventure, and I’ve become a bit of a celebrity here in Fishkill. I can be seen ridin’ on the back of Annie’s scooter when she goes to the Post Office to ship out orders – that’s me in the picture. […]

Frank Hasn't Eaten

Guest Post, Frank Muttscot There are a few things in life that are super important to me: my person Annie, my best girl Mona, and Paulie’s cooking. Not necessarily in that order; I am part Pug, after all. I can never get too much of Annie or Mona, but I can get too much of […]


Well, this morning as we were prepairing to leave Frank was hovering over the luggage. Then blocking the door. He knew something was going on. He is very occustomed to traveling with us where ever we go; shows, picnics, road trips, etc. So he recognised the luggage bags. This time, however, he is staying home […]

Camp Mona

Guest Post, Frank Muttscot I’m goin’ to my best girl Mona’s house this week. Annie is headin’ to the shore, and said it would be too hot for me. Sigh. Mona is tons of fun, but she’s no Annie. I cried when she and Paulie were packin’ up the car. They said they would miss […]


Paul and I took a little excursion to Beacon, NY this weekend. Frank, of course was in tow. Beacon is a great trip for us because we’re all allowed into the stores! Pictured left is our entry to Beacon Barkery, Frank’s favorite stop along the way. Frank loves to explore, and I wonder what goes […]


I’ve got a chip on my shoulder. Well, technically, IN my shoulder. Annie finally got me a¬†microchip. She tells me if I run out of the house without my clothes on and get lost, people who find me can find her because of this chip. Sounds great to me ‘cuz Annie tells me her heart […]

20310 018

I was reminded by the American Humane Association that October is adopt a dog month… Not to overstate the obvious, but adopting a dog can bring so much joy to our lives. Many of you already know this. Frank was a very unexpected addition to my home, and I am grateful for him. Over a […]


My first step in addressing the fleas was to thoroughly vacuum the house. Sounds so simple, yet it took me two hours! I moved furniture, got into corners and closets, vacuumed chairs, essentially got every square inch of upholstery. Then, instead of using Diatomaceousearth, I opted for the flea trap suggested by my trusted pet […]


First, I noticed Frank scratching. Didn’t think too much of it – he is a dog, and that’s what dogs do. Then I noticed he was scratching a lot. I looked, and didn’t see anything… at first. Since noticing the scratching, however, I have seen two adult fleas on him, none on Miss Bean, and […]


Studies by the Environmental Working Group have proven household pets typically contain 2 – 5 times more toxins in their systems than their people. Woof! In this picture of Frank snuggled up to a giant toy St. Bernard, we can see numerous potential sources of contaminants. For starters, many commercial carpets are laden with formaldehyde. […]