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You’d be hard pressed to find a hand soap these days that does not contain triclosan; a pesticide used as an antibacterial agent which kills bacteria and interferes with its growth and reproduction. You can find it in numerous products: hand soap, multi-purpose cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, detergents, skin care products – even toothpaste! It […]

Categories: Animal Rights | 2 Comments

Massachusetts Devocalization Bill Signed Into Law. In reading alicia graef’s post I am inspired on two counts. The first being the law passed to protect animals from their owner’s poor choice to have them devocalized. Really, if you don’t want a barking dog or are unable to work with the dog to adjust the behavior, […]

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I recently came across this post by Heather Moore. I am delighted there are other individuals questioning the logic of marketing products under the guise of increasing breast cancer awareness and raising money for research when said products can actually lead to breast cancer! Anything to make a buck?? Equally appalling are the cosmetic companies […]

Categories: Animal Rights | 1 Comment

The majority of this nations eggs come from factory farms. Even the free range label needs to be considered more closely. Whether you are meat and dairy eating or not, know where your food comes from, and take an honest look!