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Stanley Gromkowski, from Beacon NY, got word in February 1939 he was able to join the Navy. This was after a nine month waiting period – only a certain number of recruits from any given area were allowed to join. By October, 1939 he arrived at Pearl Harbor aboard the U.S.S. Colorado. He spent the […]

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I didn’t read anything ground breaking in the President’s Cancer Panel report, and question how effective it will be to prompt legislative change. The Environmental Working Group has stated similar concerns repeatedly in their studies and reports. The Breast Cancer Fund – dito. “Approximately 41 percent of people in the U.S. will be diagnosed with […]

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Community Cat Coalition

I recently met a woman who has taken on a huge challenge – the feral cat population in Beacon NY. Beacon is notorious for feral cats. At several of my Beacon clients’ homes, back in the day, I needed to pound the hood of my car in the winter after I was done cleaning to […]

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We are exposed to hundreds, if not thousands, of chemicals every day. The percentage of these chemicals that are tested is minimal, and chemicals tested in combination is non existent. It is tempting to ruthlessly eliminate those disgusting germs, and who likes to look at unsightly mold and mildew while taking a shower – YUCK! […]