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Categories: Animal | Add a Comment

Well, I was alerted to a program that PETA had put together to save dogs from heat stroke this summer. I was thinking its handy information, and useful to pass along, but that I probably wouldn’t need to actually help a dog… I had a coffee meeting this Saturday, and arrived at our designated location […]

Categories: Chemicals | 1 Comment

Recently there was a question posed by a fellow member of LinkedIn discussion group Say No To Toxic Household Cleaning Products: “Which “green” cleaners exaggerate claims?” Here is what I posted: Wow, you’ve opened up a can of worms! This topic really gets my blood boiling. There is limited regulation when it comes to cleaning […]

AnnLaGoy 011

It’s take your dog to work day… For me, that’s every day. Frank is a fantastic therapy dog, and will saddle up to anyone willing. He’s a great listener, and knows how to comfort. I have entered Frank’s photo in a contest, and can win $500 (I’d love to use that for CNR of several […]

Boris Krowlof

Have you ever crow-sat? How about an injured crow? A couple of weeks ago, Boris needed a place to stay. No rehab centers would take him, and it was vacation time for the woman that took him in (rather than have him euthanized). So, there we were… crow in a dog crate. Broken leg, broken […]