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Just came across this link to American Humane Association regarding emergency planning. So, mentioning it to my own “survivor man”, we’ve decided to come up with a plan. He already has a ready-to-go bag (I did mention he’s my own survivor man), but I mentioned I don’t know where it is… and that we don’t […]


My first step in addressing the fleas was to thoroughly vacuum the house. Sounds so simple, yet it took me two hours! I moved furniture, got into corners and closets, vacuumed chairs, essentially got every square inch of upholstery. Then, instead of using Diatomaceousearth, I opted for the flea trap suggested by my trusted pet […]


First, I noticed Frank scratching. Didn’t think too much of it – he is a dog, and that’s what dogs do. Then I noticed he was scratching a lot. I looked, and didn’t see anything… at first. Since noticing the scratching, however, I have seen two adult fleas on him, none on Miss Bean, and […]

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One of my contacts shared an article from on a dispute between Proctor & Gamble and Seventh Generation. P&G called them to the mat over claims they’ve been making, and (you might want to sit for this) I agree with P&G. Oooh, my chest just tightened a bit…. It is not the first time […]

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I am taking excerpts of a response from an online discussion regarding dairy, and where it’s found, what other names it goes by. I’d like to add, that many chemicals used in dairy production are lipophilic (fat seeking), and make their way into the final dairy product. “Yes, milk is in tons of foods. Even […]


I came across this very disturbing article fromĀ Animals’ Angels, and it prompted me to write this post (that’s been in my head for a while). I don’t think I’m being overly sensitive, or a bleeding heart to find this common situation unconscionable. I have felt for a long time that vegetarians, who don’t eat meat […]


Studies by the Environmental Working Group have proven household pets typically contain 2 – 5 times more toxins in their systems than their people. Woof! In this picture of Frank snuggled up to a giant toy St. Bernard, we can see numerous potential sources of contaminants. For starters, many commercial carpets are laden with formaldehyde. […]