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A recent post on Care2 discusses the work of developers in the UK to place web cams inside factory farms. The concept is to allow observance of the health and care of the animals. Thank you, Jake Richardson, for sharing. There are several things that come to my mind, here: With factory farming there comes […]

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I’m not going to tell you that Miss Bean is amazing. After you read this, I won’t have to… A few weeks ago, my darling little cat took to announcing her boredom, very loudly, in the middle of the night. Howling, walking over my head, insisting I might consider getting up and entertaining her…. I’m […]

Call us crazy, but Boris follows Paul around during the day. It’s true. As the crow flies (catch the pun?)  it’s an easy 1/2 mile flight to work; gliding along Forge Brook. Boris arrives around lunch time with his friends. A trick he’s been playing for months. Where things start to get a little more […]