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Matching Manes

Growing up, we kept a horse we named Chuckie, and boarded a few more. We had a few acres of land, and lived across the street from many more acres. It was heaven. They’re a LOT of work, though, and are quite expensive. Because I was the youngest I was able to maneuver out of most […]

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I love the smell of farms and manure. Not love it like I’d put it on me as though it were perfume, or the oppressive stench of over burdened CAFOs. I love it because of the rich scent and the memories it brings back. Yesterday I entered the grounds to the Lucky Orphan Horse Rescue youth […]

Iowa, Florida, and Minnesota are currently moving legislation forward that would make undercover investigations on factory farms, especially filming and photography, a crime. Making the distribution of the films and photos a crime is also being considered in the bill. As I was looking for the latest scoop on where legislation stands I came across […]

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Block Party

Do you remember the cat food commercial where a great little Tabby cat was curled up on his owners lap after eating, and the man says “The Way to the Heart is Through the Stomach”? It makes sense to me that cooking for someone is a special way to show you care. I don’t do […]

As with many chemicals, there is debate regarding the dangers of DEET. According to the Centers for Disease Control DEET was developed in 1946 for the military, and was registered for general public 1957. You can read a summary of DEET, and its effects on the Sound Earth Reference Library. What I’d like to discuss here, […]


If you follow Sound Earth on Twitter, LinkedIn, or FaceBook you may have noticed one of my posts today linking to a video interview with band members of Silverstein. The video shares the harsh reality of millions of animals that are killed each year because there is no room for them in shelters. Thousands of shelters across […]

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I called to place an order with Maggie’s Pure Land – Sound Earth’s supplier for Maggie’s Soap Nuts and Laundry Liquid, and was very surprised and upset to find out they have gone out of business. Like Sound Earth, they were small and privately owned. There have been several of our suppliers in Sound Earth’s lifetime […]

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Recently a question was posed to a Vegan/Vegetarian forum: How do you work out the dietary differences in a relationship between a vegan and a carnivore. That’s us. I have been vegan for about 4 years and really can’t imagine ever “going back”. Paul – indeed almost all of my friends and family eat meat, […]