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I’ve learned quite a bit so far sponsoring the First Annual Best Animal Rescue Contest. Some good, some bad. The bad has been the shocking capabilities of humans to inflict pain and suffering on the very animals they are responsible to care for. On an intellectual level I knew this already; I read about it […]


Recently, the Humane Society of the United States and the United Egg Producers came to an agreement. As a team, they will work together to support federal legislation outlining new conditions laying hens endure and the timing and criteria that dictate when and how they will be killed. My guest post at

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Lucky Orphans Horse Rescue

The First Annual Best Animal Rescue Contest is already having it’s desired effect – feel good stories being shared! In the interest of staying impartial, not only did I use an unnamed horse in this picture with Frank, I won’t make specific comments about individual contestants. I will tell you this; there are some darn […]

For years Allergan, the company that manufactures BOTOX® under licence, could release it to the doctors and dermatologists who used it only after animal testing was conducted. As of July, 2011 that has changed. The phase out of animal testing begins immediately, and will be complete within the next three years. Too long in my opinion, […]

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I like a good story. I LOVE a good animal story. I will while away hours (that I don’t have to spare) watching Animal Cops, goofy YouTube videos about pugs, sleeping cats, and odd animal friendships; and as you already know I am also completely smitten with Frank. So, very appropriately, I decided to sponsor […]

Clyde and Frank

Community Cat Coalition is one of my favorite animal organizations, and I was reminded of this once again when reading an article shared on LinkedIn: Fewer Pets Killed Because of Spay, Neuter Programs, by Sue Manning. The article sites the rates of spaying and neutering family pets has grown significantly since the early 1970s. This […]