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Well, this morning as we were prepairing to leave Frank was hovering over the luggage. Then blocking the door. He knew something was going on. He is very occustomed to traveling with us where ever we go; shows, picnics, road trips, etc. So he recognised the luggage bags. This time, however, he is staying home […]

Camp Mona

Guest Post, Frank Muttscot I’m goin’ to my best girl Mona’s house this week. Annie is headin’ to the shore, and said it would be too hot for me. Sigh. Mona is tons of fun, but she’s no Annie. I cried when she and Paulie were packin’ up the car. They said they would miss […]


I first came across this term when reading Redemption, by Nathan Winograd. To say the least, it really got my attention. I have been vegan for a number of years, loved animals that I have had the privilege to know. Yet was ignorant to the unnecessary killing of adoptable animals by the millions. In vegan circles I have seen […]

Recently, Governor Cuomo signed into law stiffer penalties for dog fighting spectators. NYDN In the Assembly, the bill was sponsored by Joseph Lentol, of Brooklyn. Assemblyman James Tedisco, of Schenectady/Saratoga held the first animal advocacy day in Albany this year to help raise awareness of the bill. Senators Suzi Oppenheimer of Mamaroneck and Liz Krueger of Manhattan co-sponsored […]

Vegan Shoes

I admit, I’m not much on fashion, but I do try to give the illusion that I know something on how to dress myself. Sometimes, I’m even successful in doing so. That being said, Alternative Outfitters makes it easy to dress my feet with all their vegan shoes. Fat Man approved, as you can see. […]

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Frank Strap

Frank travels with me almost constantly: walking, riding and traveling in the car. Truthfully, I’ve become so attached to him being by my side, I consider whether or not to go somewhere if he is not welcome to come. Yup, its true. Recently, I was inspired to dig out Frank’s car strap when Linda Rey […]