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Baby boy with little dog

Approximately 90% of chemicals on the market have never been tested for their effect on the human body. Virtually none of them have been tested in combination with each other. They make their way into our bodies, and the bodies of our beloved pets, by way of skin and lungs. Skin is the largest organ […]

I first heard of Juno’s story about a year ago, when the rescue of 120 laboratory Beagles was posted on I was fascinated by the efforts of the group involved in her rescue, and learned some of them found forever homes close by. I then had the privilege of meeting Juno at the Beacon Barks! event […]

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A few months ago I noticed stray/feral cats in an adjacent neighborhood, and inquired with the locals. Indeed there was someone monitoring the colony, and quite a few had already been trapped, spayed/neutered and released. In fact, some of the “regulars” were so comfortable laying on the sidewalk or on cars they don’t bother to move when […]


These little beauties are about 13 weeks old, and from the same litter. Aurora (gray and white, in the picture to the left) was trapped on 9/14/11, and Cece (gray tabby) was trapped on 9/22/11. Aurora has already begun to come out of her shell, and is feeling comfortable to lay out on the bed, […]

Frank Hasn't Eaten

Guest Post, Frank Muttscot There are a few things in life that are super important to me: my person Annie, my best girl Mona, and Paulie’s cooking. Not necessarily in that order; I am part Pug, after all. I can never get too much of Annie or Mona, but I can get too much of […]

This little gal captured my heart as one of the earlier entries to the Best Animal Rescue Contest. I was so happy to read she found a home where she is treated with love, respect and dignity. In her “Mom’s” words: I adopted ”Eve” from the Port Jervis-Deerpark Humane Society in Port Jervis, NY 3 […]

Frank Contemplation

There are a plethora of products on the market available to aid our beloved pets in dealing with a variety of issues. We can chose among dozens of remedies for behavioral issues such as anxiety or depression, dozens more for physical ailments such as ear infections, hot spots or even urinary tract infections. Many of […]


I volunteer. A lot. Some weeks I volunteer as much as work at my paying gig – which is also a heartfelt project. In so doing, I often enlist my friends and family to help. Many have given their time, their money, or both in order to allow me to do my thing with whatever […]

Well, they say life is full of opportunities to learn. Indeed. Not even 24 hours after my post “Killing Out Of Fear“, I was presented with a perfect opportunity to exercise compassion with my dreaded species of bug: The Silverfish. I was getting ready for bed, and went to my room to get my PJs. […]


Years ago, a very dear friend told me about an incident where she saw a Black Rat Snake along the side of the road. She swerved to run over it with her car, backed over it, and ran it over again to make sure it was dead. I was shocked that she would go to […]