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My experience with the Nate Berkus Show makeover was a real eye opener. The multiple layers of individuals at work to put the show together, and make Jann and me look as we did was so impressive – they were incredible and talented. I went into this with some reservation – fashion? cleaning products? natural? […]

I know more about chemicals and cruelty free than the average Joe. I can probably tell you, off the top of my head, details of what you’ll find in individual products typically found on grocery store shelves. I can also give you an idea of what effects those products will have on you and your beloved […]

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“They” say everything can be used as an opportunity to learn. I agree! My latest community project (TNR) has shown me once again there is a learning opportunity around every bend – or behind every refrigerator. Cece has shown to be incredibly shy. She often hides under or behind things, runs away or avoids me. This […]

  This photo is an ode to turtles rescued every day by me and countless other people – in an effort to get them across the road safely so they can get on with their day. It’s a small act of kindness to another living creature and one that makes you feel good all day. […]

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Frank Mama

Guest Post, Frank Muttscot Sigh. You know my very favorite thing to do is snuggle with Annie. Well, this mornin’ I was restin’ with Annie like I do, and one of the kittens started climbing all over me! He started purring really loud; then he started nuzzling my belly. He was lookin’ for milk! Annie […]

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I owned a cleaning service for about 7 years; I cleaned 6 to 8 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week. I know, that alone makes some of you cringe. However, I am one of those people that enjoy cleaning. I get a sense of accomplishment, and even serenity from the task of […]


Isn’t is amazing how often our companion animals “find us”? There have been several in my life that came to me at a most unexpected and sometimes inconvenient time; yet they remained with me, and still hold a place in my heart. Here is Happy’s Tale of No Accident. She’s found her new family! At […]

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This little guy, Eliot, has a total of 24 toes! He’s got two extra toes on each of his front paws, and one extra toe on each of his back paws. He is handsome as can be, and about 8 weeks old. Before releasing him to his new person, I will be fully vetting him […]


For your convenience, you can print out and submit a Cat/Kitten Adoption Application. The cats and kittens available for adoption through Sound Earth have been rescued as part of our Trap Neuter Release/Place efforts in Fishkill, NY. SE wants to ensure that the cat(s) you are adopting will be situated in the best home possible where the […]

Out of the mouths of babes… Isn’t it amazing how clearly a child will see a situation? I’m so happy for Darla, and her person that these children opened up the new opportunity for adoption! What I really want to know is: on the tables at the wedding, was Darla wearing a wedding gown for […]