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I often say there is a human for every cat; even those with challenges. So when “Jesappleby” entered her cat Finky to the Best Animal Rescue Contest, I was especially touched by the dedication Finky’s new family has towards her. In this country we kill millions of perfectly healthy animals for lack of homes: it […]

Leaping Bunny Pledge

In my auditing process with the Leaping Bunny Program I am reaching out again to all of my suppliers, and their suppliers to confirm there is no animal testing in the ingredients I purchase from them. This is a surprisingly extensive process, especially with some of the bigger guys (but not all). So, I just […]

There’s been a big to-do lately about Sparboe Farms –┬áthe company who supplied (until last week) McDonalds with nearly all of their billions of eggs each year. Employees have been caught on video from a Mercy for Animals under cover investigator, and during an ABC Investigation, tormenting and torturing hens at their facilities. Employees are […]


Betsy, the beautiful black Burmese cat I placed in October, is back with me and looking for her forever home. She did not adjust well with the other cat that I placed with her. She is so affectionate, and just beautiful. I think she is approximately 12 – 16 months old. She is all black […]

It’s happened to you, I’m sure. You cut your finger, and get a drop of blood on your clothing, pull a hang nail and get blood on the couch; any number of things can happen, and there you have it – blood stain on soft surfaces. Ick. Fear not, there are many ways you can […]

I love this entry from my dear friend, and co-owner (with the lovely Marilee) of my favorite publication: Westchester/Putnam Natural Awakenings. I’ve met Pepper, and he is as cute as the picture shows. He’s quite fiesty, and I’m impressed with the work Dana and her hubby Guy have invested in this little one. Adopted on […]

Guest Post, Dutchess County SPCA Hope to see you at Pet Photos with Santa this Saturday (November 18) from 1:00 to 5:00 pm. Santa and a team from the Dutchess County SPCA will be at the Petco on South Road in Poughkeepsie along with a professional photographer from On Location Studios. Photos are $10 each […]


Guest Post, Frank Muttscot I have become Annie’s almost constant companion. Every day is an adventure, and I’ve become a bit of a celebrity here in Fishkill. I can be seen ridin’ on the back of Annie’s scooter when she goes to the Post Office to ship out orders – that’s me in the picture. […]

Canine and feline allergy has multiple potential sources including flea allergy, environmental inhaled allergens (atopy), food allergy and reactions to medications. Another potential┬ásource of discomfort and harm to your beloved family pet may come from chemical cleaning solutions. Read more on Chemicals In Your Home. The following substances can cause allergic reactions in animals who […]

Guest Post, The Dutchess County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals The Dutchess County SPCA is seeking homes for the many adoptable kittens at the shelter. Last month we alerted the community to the fact that we had over 450 cats and kittens at the shelter. We had reached our capacity and could […]