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I have many interests; nearly all of them revolve around animals and their well being. I am always brought back to the fact – how we treat the most vulnerable in our society is a reflection of our culture, and we can do many, many things to live compassionately. As with anything worth doing, there […]

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Holidays are a very busy time for most people. Shopping for and wrapping gifts, travel, house guests, and holiday decorating can make things quite overwhelming – and potentially dangerous for our curious pets. Here are some things to keep in mind this season: Decorating cautions If you put up a Christmas tree or hang wreaths […]

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It may sound like a great idea to get a friend or family member a pet for the holidays. An elder for example, who is living alone seems the ideal candidate for a companion animal. However, there are some things to keep in mind before you make any purchases: Most importantly, as crazy as it […]

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Holy crap animal products are EVERYWHERE! Every time I think I’ve cleared my body and life of animal products and ingredients I learn of another product that contains them. Image courtesy of Animal Rights Concerns. For example, plastic bags are manufactured with animal products: Plastics manufacturers often use additives of animal origin to improve material properties and/or to aid […]

I thought this entry to the Best Animal Rescue Contest this summer was appropriate to share with the holidays approaching. I don’t know if this was a professional studio, or their home, but either way it makes a really great photo. I really love the picture, and am happy for these two dogs; they are sharing their […]

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Cece and her mouse

On this dreary day, as I look out the window and try to find inspiration, I’m reminded of what a difference I’ve made in the lives of “the girls” – Cece and Aurora, as well as the other felines in my TNR/P efforts. Mostly, because Cece is trampling through my office chasing the cat nip […]

Many years ago a friend of mine said she often placed people on a pedestal when first developing a relationship with them. Something like the honeymoon syndrome. She would start them at say 100, and if something in their behavior didn’t sit right (as inevitably happens) she would then mentally deplete their high standing. She felt like […]

I’m sure you’re familiar with the Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes commercial where happy children are shown throughout various parts of a house putting their wonderful, goopy little hands on every surface they can reach…. Then in comes a close up of a package of the wipes on the counter for each child to grab. Kids are shown […]