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Guest Post, Frank Muttscot I’m happy to report the good news! Mugsy is now in his forever home! He’s with a whole family, and he’ll be the only fuzz butt gettin’ attention. I happen to know the mom – she sure is nice! Annie said when she and her pals from Furry Friends Pet Rescue showed […]

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Fat Man

Growing up my family always had animals; cats, a dog, a bunny, an unknown number of mice (yes, they were pets), horses, hamsters and us kids could arguably be on that list. Oh, how I would handle those animals. I would lay next to them, on them, kiss them, hug them – I still do […]

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Any substance that can harm someone if used improperly is considered a poison including cleaning chemicals, drugs and snake bites. America’s 57 poison centers fielded 3.9 million calls in 2010, an average of nearly 11,000 per day… Children younger than 6 accounted for about half of all the poison exposure calls; however, adults 20 and older […]

Sound Earth

How Will You Know? I often debate: how often, where, when, etc. should I tell my followers about Sound Earth products? I don’t want our communication to become annoying or a commercial, but I have lots of information to share, and that includes the awesomeness of Sound Earth! Years ago a friend laughed and said […]

We have a feral and stray cat crisis in the United States. Estimates range from 13 million to 87 million felines roam our streets, alleys, farms and woodland. It’s staggering. So many times these animals remain “invisible” making it impossible to get a clear picture of how many cats live and die as homeless creatures. […]


Guest Post, Frank Muttscot Hey everybody, Mugsy arrived at about 7 last night. Regina and Francine from Furry Friends Pet Rescue brought him to the house. He was travelin’ all day and night from North Carolina. They were gonna kill him! Annie tells me there are millions of dogs and cats that aren’t so lucky […]


There are many ways to make our homes more energy efficient and comfortable, especially in the cold days of winter. Well insulated walls and attic, high efficiency windows, windows with plastic sheet covers or a strip of “weatherseal” to form a tight fit when the windows are closed, foam cutouts placed behind outlets and door sweeps at […]

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Many common cleaning products found on the market contain dangerous chemicals, and can pose a threat to humans as well as their furry companions. Because dogs (and most other animals) age and develop at a much faster rate, they also respond to contaminants by developing health problems at a faster rate. Their typical pet behaviors of […]

I fostered a German Shepherd named Bingo years ago for about 8 weeks. When she arrived she had already been institutionalized for about 4 years: dropped off as a puppy and returned several times… It was not made clear to me why she was returned, but I got the idea the shelter remained hopeful she […]

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According to the World Health Organization, the widespread use if antimicrobials in food animal production is cause for concern regarding public health. Antimicrobials are used for mass treatment against infectious diseases or continuously in feed at very low doses (parts per million) for growth promotion, particularly in pig and poultry production. Antimicrobials are used to improve […]