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Fishkill Cares for Cats
Categories: Animal Rescue, TNR

was VERY successful!

It is inspiring to see what can be accomplished when passionate business owners and animal advocates join efforts to benefit animals. The event was filled with many successes!

One of our desired goals was exceeded when The Animal Rights Alliance, Inc spayed or neutered 52 cats. With generous business sponsorship, 29 of those cats received free services including a rabies inoculation. Undoubtedly, because of the Fishkill Cares for Cats event those 29 cats received the care they needed, but would not have gotten. This translates to sparing literally millions of cats from a life of suffering and hardship.

Approximately 150 attendees enjoyed the day with us. Many learned how to successfully conduct a trap/neuter/return program where they live; affecting more animals in need. Our raffle prizes were stylish, informational, delicious and fun with none made from animal products. We raised over $1600 for Furry Friends Pet Rescue, Inc. and Guardian Angel Cat Rescue so they can further their efforts to help animals.

Additionally, one cat from Guardian Angel Cat Rescue and one dog from Furry Friends Pet Rescue were adopted to their forever homes, and a plan was made to team up with Pet Supplies “Plus” in Fishkill to establish regular adoption days at their store; giving cats and dogs in transition another opportunity to find their forever home.

Sound Earth is strongly committed to the welfare of all animals. It is because of this commitment that Sound Earth sponsored, and co-organized, Fishkill Cares for Cats.

Together, we changed lives for good.

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