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Trinity; The Feral Mama
Categories: TNR

This is a feral mama (Trinity) that has eluded capture for 2 years. This is at least her 5th litter that we know of. It is heartbreaking to see the stress she is under being confined, and having to deal with me reaching into the cage to supply fresh food and water and fresh litter. She is nursing the kittens who are doing really well, and only leaving the crate to eat and use the litter box when she can no longer stand to do otherwise.

Trinity is not allowing me to access the kittens for handling Рshe is a great mother to her babies. As many of you know, there is a very short window before the kittens will be as repelled by humans as their mother. It is with a very heavy heart I have made the decision to separate Trinity from her kids: Jesse, Eddie and Jenna. I feel that it will be less stressful for Trinity who will be spayed and returned to her colony where she can be monitored, and will afford the kittens a chance at a better life.

Once separated they will be exposed to humans and handled as much as possible – making them more likely to be adopted. That being said, please forward this post to friends and family who may be interested in adopting the Trinity Kids. I welcome anyone to come and meet them, and encourage any interested person to fill out an application: Adoption Form

Trinity and Her Babies (VIDEO)

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