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A. Casey Jones – In Memoriam

003.jpgLast year, I met A. Casey Jones through the Best Animal Rescue Contest, when his story was submitted by his “mom” Dot. I was so touched by the love and care he so clearly brought out of Dot… and I’m not the only one. I’m told there are others in the Sound Earth community who have inquired about the old gentleman since his story was told; asking how he’s feeling, just checking in.

I received the news yesterday that A. Casey Jones has passed on, and I wanted to share it with you. Here’s what Dot wrote:

A. Casey Jones was relieved of his earthly burdens this day. On other days his little legs have left him stuck midway across a fence rail, not strong enough for him to soar over like ol’ Buddy before him. His little legs have slipped, letting him sprawl and flounder on winter’s ice, leaving him bereft of all dignity. Lately they have just quivered, no longer able to bear his skeletal weight. On this day from loving arms, he closed his eyes and pushed off with those little legs bounding clear into heaven. Angel wings carried him away from us. Ethereal. Free. Dot  5/5/12

It never surprises me how deeply we are effected by the love of our animals, and in fact, by the love others feel for their animals. Since my Bean died in March 2011, I feel that much more sympathy for others when they tell me they’ve lost a pet. It gives me a pang of sadness, but it also reminds me of the happiness she brought into my life.

As Dot says in A. Casey Jones’ entry for the BARC:

Casey’s indomitable spirit assures that his legacy will live on long after he is gone.

Indeed it will.

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