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Community; We Need Help
Categories: Animal Rescue, TNR

com·mu·ni·ty – (noun);

a social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists.

Thanks to the caring folks of the Sound Earth Community for advocating for animals. It’s inspiring to hear about everyone’s efforts, and meaningful to get support between us!

I need to share a situation with you, and ask for your help. Last Friday I received a call from a woman, in tears, asking for help. For privacy, I’ve changed her name to Cindy for this blog.

One of Cindy’s elderly neighbors had been feeding a cat colony over the years. In early May, this neighbor was removed from her home and placed in an assisted living facility; leaving all the cats behind. Over the following weeks the cats began to migrate to Cindy’s house. None had been vetted in any way, and some had kittens in tow. Cindy really wanted to help and began feeding what she could, and allowing them into her home. She has two cats of her own (that are vetted), and quickly became overwhelmed both because of the size of the colony, and because of her own family’s needs.

Cindy does not have financial means to help the cats. She receives donated food from the local shelter every now and again, but beyond that she needed help and quick! I called Katmarroon in Newburgh looking for assistance. Sure enough Silvia, one of the founders, dove right in. We went to the house to assess the situation, and counted 8 cats and 9 kittens. We took two females with us with the plan that Silvia would go back for the third female and one of the feistier males. We would get the first four spayed/neutered, distemper, dewormed, rabies, etc. the very next day with our friends from The Animal Rights Alliance, Inc. – at least get that far.

Within a couple hours after we left I received a call from Cindy saying two of the cats we had were not the ones she accounted for. Make that 10 cats, 9 kittens… and counting. Silvia went back and picked up two more females. As is typical human response we really wonder where we’re going to get the money to vet all the cats, and where are we going to find homes for not only these cats, but all our cats! One foot in front of the other.

The project has begun…

With that number of cats and kittens we will need some financial assistance of our own. I’ve put together a “Chip In” page with a goal of $1300. This will cover the bare necessities. We are making efforts to, at the very least, get the colony vetted and kittens placed. The cats a super sweet. One of the gals I’m helping with after care from her surgery is just down right mushy. She sounds like a projector she purrs so loud. They all have the “beautiful gene”, honest, what a beautiful group of cats and kittens!

Will you help us? Here’s how:

~ donate money through Chip In – even $5 will be a great help!

~ pass this blog on to your expanded community

~ if you’re local (Dutchess, Putnam or Orange County New York), please donate food

~ Adoption – any of the cats and kittens, whether it be this colony, Katmarroon, or Sound Earth… the more homes we place these beautiful creatures, the more we can assist the greater good.

Thank YOU, for being a part of the Sound Earth community. Your care and thoughtfulness really means a lot!

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