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Flea Update

My first step in addressing the fleas was to thoroughly vacuum the house. Sounds so simple, yet it took me two hours! I moved furniture, got into corners and closets, vacuumed chairs, essentially got every square inch of upholstery. Then, instead of using Diatomaceousearth, I opted for the flea trap suggested by my trusted pet supply store. I set them out next to Frank and Bean’s favorite hang outs. I also have been combing both with a snazzy little flea comb.

Whew. Not a flea nor a speck of flea poop – those awful black specks that are left behind, usually on your pet’s behind. Not one flea in the flea trap. It is possible that Frank brought one or two in on him from the out doors, and they did not have a chance to reproduce while they were indoors. I’m glad I addressed it aggressively, but am thinking it was not an infestation.

Also, I have been on the ball with the brewer’s yeast and garlic – making them very distasteful for the fleas. I really encourage anyone reading this to begin a regimen of brewer’s yeast and garlic for your pet. All of mine love them, and it is a treat for me to dole them out every morning.

That being said, Frank is now off quarantine, and enjoyed playing with Oscar this evening when we bumped into him on our usual walk. Life is good again!

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2 Comments to “Flea Update”

  1. _Melissa_ says:

    Hi Ann
    Boddington recently had a small bout with fleas (on a week that I was dealing with bed bugs at work, no less) and a deer tick and we picked up food grade DE. Out of frustration of a week of bug overload (and panic about the deer tick)I caved and went against my own good judgement and used the chemical crud. I did, however, dust the bunny with DE which he seemed to get a kick out of and Boddie got some on his legs which he tends to scratch more frequently in general. We still have a big bottle of DE and were contemplating periodic carpet treatment with it.
    Just curious why you opted against diatomaceous earth?

  2. Ann LaGoy says:

    HI! I went with the easier of the cures… The thought of spreading the DE over the entire house, and then vacuuming up all of it was a bit overwhelming. I had a show at that time as well, and figured this would be the most time efficient solution. I have heard of using DE as a preventative measure – won’t hurt. Keep us posted!

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