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Truth in Labeling
Categories: Chemicals

At the risk of throwing Paul under the bus, I have to share this story with you.

Recently, I was under his kitchen sink looking for something to clean the counter with: of course, I was expecting to see plenty of Sound Earth cleansers. To his credit, indeed there was… However, I also found THIS:

Sigh. My work is never done.

He assured me it was from Sound Earth – “Look, it’s in your bottle”. You can see that it is in fact in one of our original bottles. However, I assured him, I know my stuff… and this isn’t it. I pointed out the bright pink color, a dead give away.

He then mumbled something about pink for breast cancer. Nice try, I’m not Revlon. I don’t market dangerous products in pretty pink packaging, then pat myself on the back about how I advance the fight against breast cancer.

So what can we learn from this faux pas?

First, and very importantly, leave products in their original packaging. This assures we have the directions on usage. The outcome of using products in any way other then their intended use can be seriously problematic. At the very least, never put products into other containers without marking them very clearly, and attaching their directions for use. It is not always as obvious as this switcheroo was, and mistaken identity leads to thousands of poisonings each year.

Second, the products that you bring into your home should list all ingredients on the packaging. If they don’t, spare yourself the risk of bringing dangerous chemicals into your home, and go for products that clearly list what’s inside.

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2 Comments to “Truth in Labeling”

  1. Mom says:

    Gotta give Paul credit for trying. >_< You might remember the day after your father's funeral when we had to call the paramedics, (the second call in one week). It looked like the 2 year old had ingested some pretty blue liquid from an unmarked bottle. Thank God she was OK.

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