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Love My New Vegan Shoes

I admit, I’m not much on fashion, but I do try to give the illusion that I know something on how to dress myself. Sometimes, I’m even successful in doing so.

That being said, Alternative Outfitters makes it easy to dress my feet with all their vegan shoes. Fat Man approved, as you can see.

I found the price to be comparable to similar looking shoes ($89), and even better than that – they’re made from partially recycled rubber.

In their own words:

Designed by women for women! JAMBU™ uses only 100% recycled, recyclable and re-usable packaging. Jambu™ outsoles are made with partially recycled and re-usable compressed rubber.

In the summer my feet sweat, but remarkably, they do not pick up foot odor. Cool, right?

So you might be wondering – vegan shoes? Yup – No leather! The leather industry is riddled with problems not only for the animals that suffer in conditions similar to factory farms, but for the communities that produce the leather – it is not only the animals that suffer.

The top countries where the US imports leather from are Indonesia, China, and the #1 source for leather here in the states is Pakistan. The trend, as laws are more stringent in the US, is to outsource to other countries like these where the labor is cheap and the laws are more lenient.

Sadly, the tanneries are toxic to their surrounding communities and often pose dangerous working conditions for employees. Taken from American University case study:

The primary pollutants that leather tanning in Pakistan creates are heavy metals (chromium, cadium, etc.), various organic chemicals, and acids… The polluting aspects of the tanneries inevitably hit the poorest the hardest. Traditionally, in Pakistan, the “lower-caste” (poorer) people work in the tanneries which is strenuous and labor-intensive. These jobs have been handed down in the family for generations. Moreover, in a populous and developing country such as Pakistan, people often compete for these jobs and are forced to put up with dangerous working conditions.

India is the largest exporter of leather in the world, and shares the same issues as Pakistan. According to Earth Times:
The leather trade plays a integral role in the country's economy. In West Bengal alone there are 600 tanneries employing and 20,000 units manufacturing leather products. They employ 200,000 people.
So, I am all the more thrilled with my new vegan shoes - I know I'm cool!
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