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No-Kill Nation

I first came across this term when reading Redemption, by Nathan Winograd. To say the least, it really got my attention. I have been vegan for a number of years, loved animals that I have had the privilege to know. Yet was ignorant to the unnecessary killing of adoptable animals by the millions.

In vegan circles I have seen a T-shirt that reads something to the effect of: We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows. Similar in title of a book by Melanie Joy, who examines our relationships with animals, and our culture surrounding those relationships. At first blush, I would agree with this comment. However, it turns out, we only kind of love dogs. There are approximately 5500 animals killed in shelters every day which includes rabbits, dogs and cats. Millions each year are killed.

I believe, Nathan, that we can achieve – must achieve, a no-kill nation.

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2 Comments to “No-Kill Nation”

  1. J Stewart says:

    Unless and until spaying/neutering is more widely performed, the population of unwanted animals will continue to grow, making “no-kill” an unobtainable goal.

  2. Ann LaGoy says:

    It may seem impossible, but we should continue to move forward with spay/neuter programs efforts to eliminate as much as possible breeding animals. The ultimate goal being a no-kill nation… as far away as it may be.

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