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Killing Out Of Fear, Part 2

Well, they say life is full of opportunities to learn. Indeed.

Not even 24 hours after my post “Killing Out Of Fear“, I was presented with a perfect opportunity to exercise compassion with my dreaded species of bug: The Silverfish.

I was getting ready for bed, and went to my room to get my PJs. There it was all million legs, and twitching body of at least 2 feet – gnawing on the edge of my dresser! I stood there for a moment; frozen, contemplating. The first thing that came to mind: What if I had put my nightgown on and it had been INSIDE the nightgown? Next: What if I had been sleeping, and it crawled in my mouth? Then: It’s going to turn at me and lunge.

Heart rate went up, mouth went dry, and I made the decision to try and capture it, at risk to my personal security. All the while, it’s was gnawing on my dresser. I ran and got a plastic container and paper, hoping it would still be there when I got back, because absolutely no one would sleep if there wasn’t some resolution to The Silverfish dilemma.

It was still there, hadn’t moved. I knew better, though, this thing was going to run like lightning as soon as I made a move. There was an added challenge that it was on the EDGE of the dresser. I made a wimpy attempt to place the plastic over it, and it ran a few inches. Heart rate up, mouth dry.

Now, it was in between the jewelry box, and a piece of pottery. Choked breathing. I slowly moved the pottery. It didn’t move. I took a deep breath, and a leap of faith, and placed the plastic over The Silverfish. Bulls eye. This thing ran in circles around the container for a few seconds, and I slowly began placing the paper under the container. I was even careful not to get one of its million legs caught. SUCCESS!

Now I was feeling much more confident. I VERY carefully picked up the plastic with the paper, and carried it outside. As I opened the trap, I shook them to make sure it fell out. Then carefully checked inside the container, outside the container, front and back of the paper – you just never know if The Silverfish might defy gravity, and miraculously appear on the outside of my trap. Nope. Gone.

I’m happy to say, The Silverfish did not seek vengeance on me for all its ancestors. Nor did it over power me, and leave me half eaten on the floor. I am still here, to tell you my tale of how I heroically made my home safe again, until the next Silverfish. Maybe it will get easier the next time.

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