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Safe Keeping
Categories: Chemicals, TNR

On this dreary day, as I look out the window and try to find inspiration, I’m reminded of what a difference I’ve made in the lives of “the girls” – Cece and Aurora, as well as the other felines in my TNR/P efforts. Mostly, because Cece is trampling through my office chasing the cat nip mouse that is trying to escape her, and it’s hard not to think about it.

Until I find my fosters their forever homes it’s up to me to make sure they remain safe. Part of that is to ensure they’re not exposed to dangerous chemicals.  All of our fur pals run the same risk; exposure to the thousands of chemicals on the market that are potentially harmful.

You know the adage “Curiosity Killed the Cat”? When it comes to household products, that adage may literally be true. It is common knowledge that antifreeze is a serious danger to animals. It contains ethylene glycol which forms crystals in the kidneys, and can quickly kill who ever has ingested it. Did you also know ink pads often contain that same chemical?

Hydrochloric acid is found naturally in our stomach, but not so naturally in toilet bowl cleaners. Too much of this highly corrosive chemical, and it can cause severe burns to our internal organs and skin. Dogs are not the only ones known to drink from the toilet bowl; be careful with felines as well. *Shameless plug for Sound Earth Fizzn’ Floor Booster; floor and toilet bowl cleaner, where you won’t have to worry about that.*

Bleach (sodium hypochlorite) is found in laundry detergents. A cat’s favorite spot to hang out is in the laundry basket, yes? However, you’ll also find it in multi-purpose cleansers and disinfectants. The fumes from these products are easily inhaled by animals in the house. *Another shameless plug. Sound Earth Organic Laundry Soap Nuts and Lightning Liquid covers all kinds of cleaning tasks without toxic chemicals.

The best thing to do for safe keeping of your pets is to eliminate toxic products from your home – it’ll be great for your family as well!

Cats still available for adoption; fill out an application if you’re interested.


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