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Reba – BARC Contestant

There’s recently been a lot of concern about Puppy Mill dogs, and the females that are kept for years producing litter after litter. If you don’t already know about last summer’s Best Animal Rescue Contest, I’d like to introduce you to one of our fantastic contestants – Reba, a former puppy mill mom. In the words of her new family:

This is Reba, a female boston terrier who is of unknown age from Arkansas. She was found on via New England All Breed Rescue. I stumbled upon her while looking for a dog my brother’s friend had surrendered to a local shelter. I saw her picture and there was no turning back! I called and spoke to her foster mom on a friday and by saturday morning I was driving 3 hours away to go pick her up! When I first saw her she was a total underdog! She was over weight, loaded with worms, had 2 ulcerated corneas from dry eye and just looked so helpless. Come to find out, she was a puppy mill mom who had tons of puppies and stopped producing a profitable litter and was going to be euthanized. After a series of rescues brought her to New Enland, she then came home to NY. Come to find out she had hypothyroidism and Cushings, which explained her chronic conditions and why she stopped producing puppies, so after several vet checks and now on lifetime medications, she is now a wonderful, happy, healthy farm dog!!!! We love you Reba!!!

Reba is a clear example of why adopting rather than shopping for a dog is so important. In addition to sparing a dog a life of pain and suffering, when a dog is adopted from your local shelter you are also saving a life. Read about Madonna of the Mills, a woman who rescues these suffering dogs, and homes them to new, loving families.

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