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A Perfect Match – Mugsy’s Rescue Story
Categories: Animal, Animal Rescue

Guest Post, Frank Muttscot

I’m happy to report the good news!

Mugsy is now in his forever home! He’s with a whole family, and he’ll be the only fuzz butt gettin’ attention. I happen to know the mom – she sure is nice!

Annie said when she and her pals from Furry Friends Pet Rescue showed up with Mugsy they got a really warm welcome. Everybody was so happy to meet Mugsy. His person Cayci had a special doll bed set up for him, and a whole place in her room for him to play! Even though Annie knows Mugsy isn’t gonna spend 5 minutes in his bed – he’s gonna be with Cayci, and when she’s in school, he’s gonna hang out with the rest of the family. Annie was so happy for everybody she got a little teary eyed when she was takin’ this picture.

Funny how things work out… Let me tell you his story:

Mugsy was found wanderin’ the streets in North Carolina with another dog (who was adopted). Don’t know how he got into that situation, but he was picked up by dog control. The ladies at FFPR saw Mugsy’s postin’ to get killed on a Thursday night. Yup, just like that; the shelter couldn’t find a home for him within a few days so he was put on what is sometimes called the “kill list”. Annie says there are lots of shelters like that. Mugsy was lucky they saw him!

FFPR put a “hold” on him, and arranged for him to be taken care of in NC; he got neutered and medical shots, too. He had a substitute Mom while they were making sure he was healthy. Then he got a ride all the way up to NY where he stayed with us for about 10 days.

He’s an active pup; he runs a lot. I can stand in the middle of the living room, and watch as he runs past. Back and forth, back and forth. He loves fetchin’ my toys; that’s OK, I don’t mind sharin’.

Annie tells me I set a good example for Mugsy. He was so excitable when he first got here that Annie couldn’t even get his leash on; he wouldn’t sit and stay, and he got really upset when Paulie would come or go from the house… I remember those days. No more though, I sit like a good boy and even put each paw right through the harness! Mugsy’s learnin’. Annie says we need to be patient, and have plenty of treats on hand. It’s all about positive reinforcement. He’s a fast learner, and she knows he’ll make his new family proud.

The ladies at FFPR work hard to make sure each pup finds a great home where they’ll get all the lovin’ and care they deserve.

Are you lookin’ for your new best friend? Fill out an application with FFPR. They can look it over and meet with you beforehand. This way you’ll be ready to go when they find your new best friend!

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