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1 Turns Into Many
Categories: Animal, Animal Rescue, TNR

This can be said in many sentiments regarding Trap/Neuter/Return.

In this case I’m talking about a recent request I got to help out some strays and ferals in Fishkill and Beacon. It started out as a Mama that had a litter. Turns out there were two litters. Then another call about a calico stray that turns out to have a wonderful companion.

I’m so glad I got the calls!

As you know cats multiply quickly. 75% – 80% of kittens born to stray or feral cats don’t make it to adulthood. So I have a plan with the everyday heros that take care of these cats and kittens.

My guess is that some of these cats are going to be friendly enough to home. Are you able to take in or foster one of these cats? Please contact me at, I’d love to talk to you about it!

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