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Why is UVA Hurting Cats?The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has started a petition to request the University of Virginia stop using cats to train future pediatricians in methods of intubation.

Please sign the petition, and ask president Teresa Sullivan to utilize the humane methods of training currently available.

As shared by PCRM:

The primary emergency procedure taught in pediatrics residency training is endotracheal intubation, a medical procedure in which a tube is placed into the windpipe (trachea) through the mouth, or sometimes through the nose. In the past, most pediatrics residencies used cats or ferrets to train their residents in this procedure.

Animals are typically used over and over for intubation training. Animals used in these training procedures often suffer tracheal bruising, bleeding, scarring, severe pain, and even death. The anatomical differences between these animals and humans render this type of training ineffective.

Moreover, specifically developed simulators can completely replace the use of animals in pediatrics residency programs. In fact, studies have shown that these simulators are educationally superior to the crude and outdated methodology of using live animals.

UVA continues the inhumane practice of using cats to train future pediatricians despite the fact it has its very own state-of-the-art simulation center. The University of Virginia Medical Simulation Center owns a simulator designed for this training and can replace the use of animals immediately. Please take action and tell UVA president Teresa Sullivan that Virginia deserves better.

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  1. Maribel F says:

    Stop this cruelty towards these animals.

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